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Claim vs Truth: Hair Loss

Posted by :Cathrine

Hair loss is not new to anyone. We have all suffered and are still suffering from it. Whenever we say hair fall, we tend to think about men going bald. But hair loss has not spared girls and women as well. People often look for quick and easy remedies to cure their hair loss on their own when they start losing hair.

Recently, there have been many companies claiming to put an end to your hair loss woes and revive the lustrous mane like never before. Products like hair oils, shampoos, hair cleanser or hair loss treatments affirm that they will stop hair loss and you will no longer face these problems again.

Are these products and treatments really helpful in stopping hair loss? Or are they just marketing gimmicks?

Some brands promise to give you a shiny, thick hair within 10 weeks session with their treatments and personalized hair oils and shampoos. Some say that they will cure hair loss via homeopathy or instant hair therapy or quick hair formula. But, are these really successful?Hair oils from natural extracts are good for hair and overall health. There are clinically proven globally tested and approved prescription remedies to treat alopecia and stopping hairloss& promoting Hair Growth i.e. minoxidil and finasteride. Though Hair oils might be good for hair conditioning &lusturebut they can’t grow new hair.

Obviously, there are many relatives or friends who tell you to go the Ayurvedic or Homeopathy way or have hair transplant to regain your healthy hair. Some Ayurvedic brands/companies even say that they prevent hair loss from their personalized medicines. These medicines may or may not work as they are not clinically approved unlike minoxidil and finasteride.

Going for a hair transplant might seem to be the permanent and easy solution. Hair transplant give you a better look but they are expensive and require a lot of sessions to achieve the desired results but these treatments are not really as promising as it seems. They are painstaking and quite expensive. All said and done, nothing can replace look and feel of natural hair & even doctor recommend hair Transplant as extreme grades of Hairloss when Hair Follicles are dormant and have lost the capacity to grow new hair.

It’s always better to initiate the Hairloss treatment at initial stages as hairloss can be very much cured with proper medication in consultation of dermatologist. One such medication is Minoxidil( active ingredient of Mintop) which works well for both, men and women. It plays significant role in promoting hair regrowth and stops hair loss within a couple of months. Its main function is to increase nutrient supply to hair-roots via increasing blood irrigation at Dermal Papilla.

If anyone has any query on Hairloss, you should take advantage of National Hair Awareness Helpline by Dr Reddy’s 1800 3000 1041.


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