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Hair Loss: Cause of Concern or not?

Posted by :Cathrine

It is not a surprising fact that 50% of Indians don’t take their hair loss as a serious medical problem. Instead, they opt to their own ways of rejuvenating hair growth. Cosmetic products, home remedies and salon treatments don’t solve your problems as expected.
The big question is WHY?
The answer is quite simple. These treatments are not meant to stop hair fall and increase hair growth. They are temporary solutions but not a sure shot answer to your queries.
Almost 50% of women are affected by hair loss and 40% of men have a noticeable hair loss by the age 35, which increases to 65% by age 60 and reaches to 80% by age 80.
It’s upsetting for any person to experience the slow disappearance of one’s hair throughout the years. Eventually, it impacts your self-confidence and self-esteem and affects your relationships, personal and social life. Losing more than 100 strands of hair is a major worry.

Hair loss occurs due to both physical and emotional stress. It is a known fact that stress induces hormonal changes that becomes one of the reasons behind hair fall. Hair loss also happens due to aging process, genetics and a poor diet.
Hereditary hair loss, mostly known as, Androgenetic Alopecia, is an inherited condition where hair follicles start shrinking and it is the leading cause of hair loss in both males and females. As the years pass by, the progressive shrinking of hair follicles leads to the decline of hair growth. It’s HIGH TIME to consider hair loss as a serious medicated problem.
Though there are numerous claims by several products and organization on the same across the country, which may or may not work. If we talk the clinically proven solution across the globe, its only two molecules which are clinically proved and approved by relevant authorities like USFDA, one of molecules is Minoxidil (with brand name MINTOP in India), which is globally established for arresting hair loss and promoting hair growth. It is one of the most trusted solutions that has been working well worldwide and has been approved for both males and females for effectivehair growth. Many brands are available in India like Mintop and are easily available across the country.


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