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Hair loss: Learning the Basics!!

Posted by :Cathrine

Why is my hair falling out?
Why am I going bald?
Why am I losing so much of hair?

These are the typical questions that goes on and on in our minds when we start losing hair. There are so many whys but we don’t get the appropriate answer. Hair loss happens to every individual. No one is spared from it. You. Me. Them. Everyone suffers with this.

But what exactly is hair loss?

Have you ever wondered what losing hair is? What is the science behind it?
Hair is grown by hair follicles. Hair itself is made up of structural proteins called keratins. Because hair is made of proteins, you’ll always be advised to check on your protein intake but that’s not the sole reason towards hair loss.

Each hair follicle has its own lifecycle which is divided into three phases:

It starts at Anagen where active hair growth takes place, then Catagen occurs where transitional hair growth lasts upto three weeks and then it moves on to Telogenphase where the hair rests for 2-3 months. At the end of the resting phase, hair starts to shed and a new hair replaces the old one and it’s back around to anagen.

Now let’s get to know the several types of hair loss, commonly known as alopecia:

Androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. It is a genetic condition which affects both men and women. In male, it is called as male pattern baldness, that can happen as early as teens or in their 20s. Women suffering with this condition, called as female pattern baldness, begin experiencing this in their 40s.

Alopecia areata an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks hair follicles and can affect both children and young people. It causes patchy hair loss which can result into baldness but 90% of people often regain their hair within few years.

Telogen effluvium is a temporary condition that occurs after pregnancy, major surgery, drastic weight loss, or extreme stress, in which you shed large amounts of hair every day. This is a temporary Hair loss which vanishes once the reason for the same vanishes.

The above mentioned are the major Hair loss types, there are other also. Hence it’s always recommended to visit Dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. As long as these conditions are caught in time, hair growth can be preserved and baldness prevented.

To know the nearby Dermatologist call on National Hair Awareness Helpline by Dr Reddys 1800-3000-1041.


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