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Hair Transplants: Is it a One-Stop Solution for Hair loss?

Posted by :Cathrine

Hair transplant sure seems easy and a permanent solution, but in reality, is it the proper treatment for one’s hair loss?
Let it fall to the extreme, I will regain all of it with hair transplant and everything will be as normal as before? is a general belief that is very prevalent today. There are certain things that a person must be aware of to make a conscious call on Hair Transplant.

Satisfaction Levels First and foremost, the results of any medication or treatment can’t replace the natural hair that one has and the same has been reported in several surveys for instance, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) practice census reported that 64% of men were disappointed with their hair density after the treatment.
Hair transplant in not One-Time-Affair
Hair transplants are painful and once the transplant is done, the hair needs special care to stay healthy. Also it is not a onetime affair, every hair transplant treatment needs at least 2-3 sessions to achieve the desired results which are not very patient friendly. Also since it is a surgery there are good chances of infected hair follicles, loss of transplanted hair, scalp swelling and scarring.

What is recommended?
It is always recommended by dermatologists/ trichologists, the right speciality for hair loss treatment, that the best approach for hair loss is to initiate the treatment early as there are clinically proven medical solutions to this problem for eg: Minoxidil (Active Ingredient of MINTOP) and finasteride. Yes, it is possible to get your hair back without intervention/surgery.
The rationale for the same is very simple.
Hair loss is measured in grades in both males & females

Norwood Scale for Males

Ludwig Scale for Females

Based on the scale, the treatment is advised. The hair transplant is advised in extreme cases where the hair follicle (Hair Root) becomes inactive and does not have the capacity to regrow hair. In Initial stages of hair loss medications like Minoxidil (brand Mintop) revive the hair follicle and helps in growing more hair from dormant follicles. For all your hair loss queries, Dr Reddys has launched Free Tele-counselling service on 1800 3000 1041.


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