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Journey of Minoxidil in India

Posted by :Cathrine

Minoxidil journey in India began with its USFDA approval in 1986. Under the brand name Mintop, it was launched in India by Dr Reddy's in 1987. Since than Mintop has been the most trusted brand by dermatologists across India till today with millions of satisfied users.

Mintop was launched with 2% strength in 1987 and subsequently as the research on Minoxidil progressed, a more potent strength 5% got its approval by USFDA and in June'02 it was launched under the brand name of MINTOP FORTE. The strength gained big momentum and became the highest selling strength of Mintop in India. Results were better and quicker than Mintop 2%. Likewise for the 1st time India Mintop launched its flagship 10% strength in October'07 which is currently the most effective strength available for Hairloss treatment in Minoxidil.

Mintop was available in lotion form and in Dec'10 & Aug'11 Mintop launched 2%, 5% and 10% respectively in Foam formulation. Subsequently it was launched by several organizations but this formation (foam) was withdrawn after 4 years due to foam formulation issues in Topical / Hot & Humid Indian environment.

Likewise Mintop contribution has been significant in haircare segment with latest intervention being the launch of Mintop 120 ml pack which offers value benefit to all patients.

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