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Mintop and You!!!

Posted by :Cathrine

"I have heard about Mintop but goes it really work?"
"There are several advertisements on TV, don't know whom to Trust?"
"Why we never saw any advertisement for Mintop in its past 30 years of existence?"
"My brother usesit, can I also use it being a female?"

Like this there is a big list of questions that one might have, Mintop is brand of Minoxidil manufactured and marketed by Dr Reddys in India. Also it is 1stMinoxidil brand of India launched in 1987 and celebrating its 30 years of leadership in Minoxidil market in this year.Mintop is known for its quality and excellent results thereby is the most prescribed Anti hair loss brand by dermatologists in India.Mintop is approved for both males and females above 18 years of age. It is available in 3 strengths, 2%, 5% and 10%, higher the strength better the results.
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There are numerous products in market which claims for Hair growth right from Shampoos, to hairoils to institutes like Dr Batras. The matter of fact it, in the world, only Minoxidil and Finasteride are clinically proven and approved for Hair growth , rest all are claims with no concrete proof of the made claims.
For an instance below are the results of Minoxidil 5% strength clinical trial.

Likewise every drug proves its relevance and then only get approval for any indication. You must wonder if Mintop is such a potent solution for hair loss Why haven’t we saw any advertisement of Mintop?

Actually Mintop is a prescription medicine for Hair loss aka Alopecia which is sold against valid dermatologist prescription. As per government regulation advertising the same on open media is not allowed , hence it is not advertised.

In fact, consulting a dermatologist is the best approach to deal with hair loss as there are several types of Hair loss and every type has a different way of treatment. It is a disease which can be cured and the best person for the job is a dermatologist. To know the different types of hair loss visit the below link

If still one has have queries, Dr Reddys has launched a free nationwide Hair awareness service via Mintop Toll Free assist: Anyone can call on this number and get his/her queries resolved Call 1800-3000-1041.


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