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Psychological effects of Hair loss on a person’s self-image

Posted by :Cathrine

When you start losing hair, you go through a horrifying experience which results in stress and mental issues. It is human nature that when we lose hair, we become self-conscious and develop intense issues related with how we see ourselves and how we think we believe other people will perceive us. Many individuals who experience hair loss can accept it, however, for others, it can have a staggering effect resulting in depression and anxiety.

It is crucial to understand that the emotional stress occurring with losing one’s hair is legitimate and should be addressed and not be brushed aside.

Hair loss causes both men and women to look older. Consequently, many take hair loss and balding as the drastic end towards their youth. Men and women alike experience a series of psychological stages when their hair starts thinning. It might seem difficult to measure, but there are many types of side-effects of that trauma in their daily life which they go through but never muster up the courage to talk about.

Physical beauty is one of the main factors related to self-esteem and it is extremely vulnerable. It’s a known fact that we tend to express our individuality by how we look and perceive ourselves. Our self-esteem gets at stake when we lose our precious hair and start wondering whether we look good or not.

Some people even come into depression when hair loss occurs. Most of the research shows that people with alopecia have higher levels of anxiety and depression.

It is important to remember that while hair loss can be damaging to one’s self-image, it can be treated, especially with today’s developments in hair loss treatments. Hair loss medication such as minoxidil is highly accessible in the market and with its consistent use, you can get your long lost beautiful tresses back in no time.

DON’T run away from the problem. It’s time to act towards stopping hair loss permanently.

There are several kinds of Hair loss, dermatologist is the right speciality to diagnose and recommend the medication. 90% of the hair loss cases belongs to disease named Androgenetic Alopecia which is prevalent in both males and Females. And the globally approved medical solution for the same is Minoxidil (active ingredient of Brand MINTOP). Minoxidil in Mintop stops the thinning process of hair and starts to regrow hair from the roots. Studies across the world have shown that it delivers visible results in 4 months’ time and twice daily usage in both males and females. There are several brands of Minoxidil in Indian Market like Mintop which are readily available at leading retail counters. Also Mintop has launched a Free hair Counselling service for all the Hair loss patients at 1800 3000 1041.


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