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Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Posted by :Cathrine

If you're losing your hair or have thinning hair, it can devastate your self-esteem. But there are steps you can take to combat the emotional impact of hair loss.

Hair loss has many possible causes, including genetics, an underactive thyroid, cancer treatments, or medications for other health conditions. And for many people, hair loss (alopecia) or thinning hair can result in a loss of self-esteem and cause depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues.

Why is hair loss so devastating to men and women?
It's mostly cultural, physicians say. Almost every society in the world associates luxurious hair with youth, beauty, and good health. "For centuries, humans have adorned themselves in a variety of ways - tattooing, nail cosmetics, and most universally, hairstyles of all sorts," says Robert T. Brodell, MD, professor of internal medicine of the dermatology section at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in Warren, Ohio. "For many people, their hair is what makes them feel beautiful." When you lose your hair - for whatever reason, it can be devastating, says Dr. Brodell.

What is Female Pattern Baldness?
Women associate their hair with their sexuality, sensuality, and beauty. Mention hair, and for many people it conjures up images of women known for magnificent, flowing locks.

When a woman loses her hair or has thinning hair, she believes she is no longer attractive. Hair is also a key part of the male psyche. To men, their hair represents their virility and, like women, when they experience conditions that cause hair loss, a bald spot, or thinning hair, they believe they aren't as manly or attractive any more.

Hair is also associated with power and has been since biblical times. Samson, a Herculean figure, tells Delilah he will lose his strength when he loses his hair. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, the key to dealing with the emotional side of thinning hair and bald spots is having the right medication and start as early as possible.

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