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Will a simple test eventually predict balding?

Posted by :Cathrine

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We are here with yet another information capsule on hair and this time it’s even more interesting. Everyone, at least once in lifetime, must have had a thought of travelling to future, while that’s not possible yet, but there is some hope for predicting the probability of Hair loss in Future. Based on a research on magnanimous 52 Thousand males of UK Bio bank, A prediction algorithm has been developed based on common genetic variants.

For all the geeks in the group, below is the link of official Research on the same.


Male pattern baldness can have substantial psychosocial effects, and it has been phenotypically linked to adverse health outcomes such as prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. We explored the genetic architecture of the trait using data from over 52,000 male participants of UK Biobank, aged 40-69 years. We identified over 250 independent genetic loci associated with severe hair loss (P<5×10-8). By splitting the cohort into a discovery sample of 40,000 and target sample of 12,000, we developed a prediction algorithm based entirely on common genetic variants that discriminated (AUC = 0.78, sensitivity = 0.74, specificity = 0.69, PPV = 59%, NPV = 82%) those with no hair loss from those with severe hair loss. The results of this study might help identify those at greatest risk of hair loss, and also potential genetic targets for intervention.

This must be a great advancement in Trichology domain , as its always better to start early in hair-loss and there are numerous examples which state that Minoxidil (Mintop) & Finasteride treatment helped users to have hair for longer duration of time. Also there are a lot of unanswered queries that we always have in mind and don’t find an authentic point of contact. Dr Reddys has launched a Hair Awareness Initiative in which free Counselling is provided to all Hair loss Patients – Toll Free Number is 1800-3000-1041.

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