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Clinically Proven MINTOP Benefitsfor Your Hair

If you apply MINTOP twice a day, it is expected to show visible results in 4-6 months. For a regular support to your hair follicles, use MINTOP continuously. Some of the proven benefits of using MINTOP are:

  • Stimulates blood flow to your scalp & increases the growth rate of your hair

  • Increases diameter of your hair & your hair count significantly

  • Increases the intensity and density of your hair

Increase in hair growth is evident within 6-8 weeks and peaks at 12-16 weeks with minoxidil*

graph of benifits

The rapid response with Minoxidil is because of the reversal of follicular miniaturization and pushing the hair follicles from resting phase to growth phase.

* Graph Modified From Br J Dermatol. 2004 Feb;150(2):186-94

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