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Scientifically Proven Solution for Hair Loss

MINTOP is a scientifically proven solution for hair loss. It is useful for the treatment of male pattern baldness. The ingredients used in MINTOP are known to slow the process of hair loss and boost hair regrowth in male users.

Key highlights of MINTOP
Most Prescribed Dermatologist Brand since 1987
Successful History of over 25 Years of Legacy
USFDA approved therapy for hair loss
Apply every day, two times a day for best results
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A Magic Potion For Your Hair Loss Problem

Suffering from hair loss? Wondering what is the best method to treat your androgenetic alopecia? MINTOP is the best-known treatment for male-pattern baldness since past three decades. The active ingredient in MINTOP is Minoxidil which is known to stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles and activate hair growth. MINTOP has been approved by the USFDA as a therapy for hair loss. It is accepted worldwide for its proven effectiveness in treating hair loss.

Know the core ingredient - Minoxidil Minoxidil is a drug for widening of blood vessels. By widening blood vessels, it stimulates blood and nutrients to flow to the affected area. This boosts the hair follicles to produce new hair. Minoxidil is known to have immediate effects If you are below the age of 40 and experiencing hair loss for less than 5 years, the effect of Minoxidil will be visible prominently.
How Will MINTOP Correct Your Hair Loss?

Minoxidil in MINTOP delivers results by reactivating your hair's natural growth cycle. It stimulates blood flow in the scalp and regrows hair. With a stream of blood flowing to the follicles, they get activated and tend to shed the thinner unhealthy hair and produce new thicker hair. When you apply MINTOP to the affected area, it has two effects:

Prolongs The Growth Phase
In Hair Cycle

A longer growth phase allows more time for the roots of your hair to divide rapidly and grow.

Shortens The Resting Phase
In Hair Cycle

Your hair does not grow during this phase. Shorter the resting phase, more the time for hair to grow.

In pattern baldness, your hair follicles shrink and stop producing hair. MINTOP gives new energy and strength to your hair follicles that had shrunken due to hereditary hair loss.

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