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Identify the Stage of your Hair Loss

You are likely to experience hair loss at any age. It can begin as early as during puberty. Sometimes, clear visible signs cannot be seen until the 40s. The rate at which hair loss occurs also varies. The good thing about male pattern baldness is that you can overcome it if you treat it at the right time. The sooner you begin the treatment, the better it is.

To find out if you are suffering from hair loss,
Check These Signs:
signs of bald head1
Sign - 1

Receding frontal hairline

signs of bald head2
Sign - 2

Gradual hair thinning on the
scalp, especially at the crown of the head

signs of bald head3
Sign - 3

Bald patches on the head

signs of bald head4
Sign - 4

Reduced density of hair

signs of bald head5
Sign - 5

Excessive hair fall, visible on comb and pillows

Want to test your hair condition?

This test will provide the current state of your hair loss problem and assists us to decide which hair restoration solution is best for you!

These are some early symptoms of hair loss. If you are experiencing any of these, visit a specialist immediately. Chances of success are higher if you begin treatment at this stage. Treatment becomes extremely difficult if all the hair is lost. So do not delay and call us on 1800-3000- 1041 or email us at
Where Do You Fit In?

You can find out the stage of your hair loss with the help of Norwood Scale. Using the set of images, men can assess how advanced their hair loss is. Click on the image which matches your stage of hair loss and we give out
the remedies to treat your problem.

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