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Clinically Proven MINTOP Benefitsfor Your Hair

The benefits of MINTOP for hair growth are scientifically and clinically proven. The facts below will help you gain further insight into the efficacy of this topical medication.

  • Stimulates blood flow to your scalp & increases the growth rate of your hair

  • Increases diameter of your hair & your hair count significantly

  • Increases the intensity and density of your hair

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Minoxidil Acceptance

MINTOP uses minoxidil as an active ingredient which is USFDA approved therapy for hair loss. Minoxidil is globally accepted for its qualities of treating hair loss. MINTOP has been introduced by Dr. Reddy who has experience in treating hair loss for the past three decades.

Minoxidil Advantage
Minoxidil Advantage

If you are a women who is struggling with hair loss, Minoxidil can give you the results you need. Over 20 years of clinical evidence support the undeniable beneficial effects of Minoxidil for the treatment of hair loss in women.

FDA Approval

It is absolutely safe for women to use Minoxidil solution. Clinical studies conducted specifically for women revealed some truly amazing findings that provided the primary support needed to gain FDA-approval for women’s Minoxidil solution.

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