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Lifestyle Issues Leading to Your Hair Loss

Your hair loss is not just caused by genes, it can be due to a stressful lifestyle.
Here are a few lifestyle issues that can lead you to a receding hairline.

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Physical and mental stress are a common yet temporary cause for your hair loss.

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Imbalances in the levels of androgens can be a reason for your hair loss. This can be caused due to disorders affecting hormones secreted by thyroid or improper eating habits.

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Protein & Vitamin

Excessive vitamin A or insufficient protein intake in your diet can affect hair growth.

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These include traction alopecia (gradual hair loss caused by a pulling force being applied to hair), cancer treatment, drastic weight loss, anemia and more.

Identify these lifestyle issues before its too late!

You should take proper care of your health to maintain its health.
Though hair fall can be treated, in some cases it cannot be. The only way to find out is by seeking professional help when you encounter any of the above-mentioned signs.
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