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Most women do not share stories of their hair loss with friends and peers out of fear of becoming a laughing stock. For those who have been struggling with hair loss for some time and do not know what to do, here is a solution at hand.

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MINTOP Mechanism When you suffer from hereditary hair loss, your hair follicles shrink. MINTOP delivers results by reactivating your hair’s natural growth cycle. It works by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, giving new energy and strength to shrunken hair follicles. As a result of this, you experience hair regrowth in areas that earlier showed bald patches.

MINTOP works in a dual manner to assist hair growth by working on the science behind hairV
How Will MINTOP Correct Your Hair Loss?

Minoxidil in MINTOP delivers results by reactivating your hair's natural growth cycle. It stimulates blood flow in the scalp and regrows hair. With a stream of blood flowing to the follicles, they get activated and tend to shed the thinner unhealthy hair and produce new thicker hair. When you apply MINTOP to the affected area, it has two effects:

Prolongs The Growth Phase
In Hair Cycle

A longer growth phase allows more time for the roots of your hair to divide rapidly and grow.

Shortens The Resting Phase
In Hair Cycle

Your hair does not grow during this phase. Shorter the resting phase, more the time for hair to grow.

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