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It isn’t easy to accept that you are suffering from hair loss. The worst part is that you do not know what to expect next. Worrying too much only adds to the problem. When Sneha read about the magical effects of minoxidil, she was tempted to give it a try. It took her a lot of courage to accept and fully give herself into trying the medication. Most women like Sneha either do not believe that a change can occur or do not know what to expect from the treatment. Here is an insight on what to expect from MINTOP.

You don’t have to leave much to chance when a scientifically proven and accepted solution awaits you. After Each Month?

When starting any medication it helps if you know how it works and what you are going to experience in the coming few weeks or months. Believing in the medication is as important as being patient around the outcome. Minoxidil, the active ingredient in MINTOP works by penetrating into your scalp and stimulating hair growth. You can see progress by simply following the usage instructions and sticking to the medication for the advised duration.

What To Expect

When you apply MINTOP twice daily on dry scalp, this is what you will notice. There is nothing better than knowing what will happen next when it comes to following any medication.

Here is how MINTOP partners with you at every stage :

stop hair fall

First Few Weeks

reduce hair loss

First Few Months

regrowth treatment

4 - 6 Months

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