The last thing you want to see on the pillow when you get up is a clump of hair. It could be horrifying and mentally disturbing. women love their hair, from tying it up in a bun to leaving it open, they do it all to flaunt their mane. Sometimes they even chop it short to get the chic look but none like losing her hair forever.
The Ludwig Scale: Where Do You Fit?

Although it can be embarrassing to discuss your hair issues but when it comes to hair loss a doctor can be your best friend. The progression of female pattern baldness is treatable most of the times. There are three different stages of female pattern baldness that have been classified on the Ludwig scale. This can help you know how far you are affected. However, as the scale is used for general categorization you might not actually fit into the Ludwig stages at all.


Want to test your hair condition?

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